The retention is the last necessary phase of your orthodontic treatment prior the the global evaluation of the smile.

Why and When?

Thanks you your cooperation, the results we have obtained are very good.

We have to maintain it to insure its stability. We have assured the perfect positioning of the teeth as well as neuro-muscular balance, Nevertheless, the retention will be essential to allow for the reorganisation of the bone around your teeth.

« As an illustration, the bone has soften to allow the movement of the teeth. It will consolidate during the retention period to insure the maintenance of the result in an environment which has reached a new equilibrium. »


There are four types of retention commonly used

  • Transparent splints
  • Wire glued to the back of the anterior teeth
  • The Tooth Positioner
  • Removable plates.

How long?

In general a full year of retention is required during which the time of wear of the removable devices is progressively reduced to test the stability of the result. Generally speaking, glued wires are used in the adults who will keep a retention over a long period of time. This can eventually be substituted by a prothetic retention

The relapse

The relapse is not normal. You need to follow conscientiously the instructions you are given at the time the device is fitted.

And let’s not forget routine check-ups at your dentist.

Aesthetic evaluation of the smile after the treatment

If Orthodontics have harmonised the lines of the smile, it cannot influence the shape and colour of the teeth. Whitening techniques can improve the colour of the teeth by lightening their tone.

The following need to be taken into account before proceeding: colour of the teeth, its vitality, staining. Each clinical case will require a different treatment.

Dental surgeons are, to date, the only health professionals allowed to proceed with these types of treatments therefore preserving the health of your teeth.

When whitening treatment are unlikely to be effective or if the teeth have default of size or shape, composites, veneers or crowns will be made to correct the defaults and give a harmonious smile.