Hygiene and sterilisation

The fight against hospital borne infections.

Your security is our priority.

Hospital-borne infections are not just transmitted in hospitals. Patients and care teams in dental surgeries can also be exposed. Reducing the risks of infection is one of our priorities and we have set up a sterilisation chain in accordance with current regulations:

  • each instrument has been through the stages of the sterilisation chain- which include pre-disinfection, cleaning, rinsing, drying, non-reusable packing to prevent the risk of entry of micro-organisms and sterilisation (134 ° C for 18 mins.)
  • Maintenance of an optimal level of safety thanks to annual operational re-qualification, and systematic preventive maintenance of the equipment.
  • The traceability of all oral instruments and equipment is registered by computer in order to locate any instrument batches likely to present a potential health risk.

Doctor Christine GARCON CALVI's surgery obtained AFAQ/ AFNOR certification 9001 2000 in December 2005. She was awarded this label of quality for her excellent clinical skills which she constantly strives to develop and update. She is able to do this thanks to her organizational capacity, her high quality work, and her highly skilled and specialized team.