Legal Notice

  • Registered office : 34 Bd du Roi René - 13100 AIX EN PROVENCE
  • Tel. : 04 42 27 90 99
  • Fax : 04 42 27 75 30
  • Legal Status : SELARL (independent limited company)
  • Capital : 10 000 €
  • No. Siret (company registration code) : 513 102 418
  • Code Ape (company classification) : 8623Z
  • Rcs + Ville (company id and town) : Aix-en-Provence 513 102 418
  • N° TVA Intra (Tax code) : NC
  • Director : Dr Christine Garçon-Calvi
  • Order of Dental Surgeons : N°13.1692

Website Charter

This website is intended for the House of Orthodontic’s patients and for the general public.

Site Editor :

  • Dr Christine Garcon Calvi
  • Doctor in Dental Surgery
  • Doctor in the Science of Orthodontics
  • Qualified orthodontia specialist

You can contact her by email contacted at the e-mail address found on the contact page.

Content : the written information found on the site (oral and dental hygiene, quality, orthodontics)... is provided by Dr Garcon-Calvi
The website’s aim : The information provided on the site is aimed to improve, and not to replace, the contact between the patient and Dr Garçon- Calvi. Diagnosis, treatment plans and appropriate malocclusion treatment can only by determined in a consultation.
Confidentiality : Confidential medical information does not feature on the site. We never disclose personal information to third parties. The website does not use cookies.
Sources of data are clearly identified via links to the original source. The date of the Site last updated appears clearly at the bottom of each page.
Terms such as 'technique, treatment, or product’ are supported by evidence. (photos, PDF documents, scientific publications …)
Funding : The website is financed solely by Dr Christine Garcon Calvi.
Advertising does not provide a source of revenue for the Roy René House of Orthodontic’s website, either for its creation or for maintenance.


Creation of visuals and graphical charter : Gaëlle Walter : GW.consultant :

Creation and site maintenance: Jean-Christophe Cros :

Update of information : Dr Christine GARCON –CALVI

Translations: English Translation by Jane Guiot, Italian translation by Sandrine Evèque