Orthodontics for pleasure

After examining your medical record, Doctor Christine Garcon-Calvi determines the most appropriate treatment for you. For your well-being, she considers every possible option in order to provide you with the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Preventive orthodontics from age 4 onwards.

When malocclusion is detected early, appropriate treatment can reduce the problem. It is recommended when it can help improve teeth alignment, and thus physical appearance, and when it can restore normal functions (swallowing, speech , breathing). Growth is more harmonious with the guarantee of an attractive profile and correct development of the jaw and teeth.

When growth has finished and at any age.

The procedure of re-aligning teeth when growth has ceased, brings a balance between a beautiful smile , an optimal chewing action and healthy gums. With the collaboration of the dental practitioner, orthodontics, thanks to its preparatory work, allows the production of dentures and implants in excellent conditions.
In complex cases, when there has been insufficient, or too much growth , it can be associated with maxillo-facial surgery.

Orthodontics and medical insurance.

Before 16 years of age orthodontic treatments are mostly covered by social security, on the condition that a pre-treatment agreement is drawn-up.

After the age of 16, treatment is no longer reimbursed by the social security system.