High quality is essential!

Management Quality System

In 2005, we were awarded certification to ISO 9001:2008 certification for our Quality Management System (see certificate). Our objective is to aim for excellence in every field (reception, dental care, administrative follow-up, hygiene…) and to ensure, though careful patient treatment, constant quality care. Procedures and the surgical techniques are described in an internal document which serves as a reference for our daily activity. Regular maintenance of equipment and premises contributes to maintaining the certified level of quality.

Patient Satisfaction

We are well attuned to your needs and always take your wishes and your personal situation into account. After an initial assessment, we will explain your diagnosis to you and we will suggest a treatment plan which requires your consent. Our commitment to our quality policy applies throughout all your treatment.

The quality of the work is evaluated. Results are analysed and published thus enabling continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

There are two priorities in this area: a continuing professional training programme, for the whole team;and the opportunity for patients to make suggestions through anonymous questionnaires, before, during and after treatment.