CHILDREN: Prevention is better than cure...

When your child has problems that worry you:

  • A big gap between upper teeth and lower teeth
  • Milk teeth which will not fall out and adult teeth are already growing.
  • A small mouth with disproportionately sized teeth.
  • Breathing with an open mouth.
  • Difficulties in pronunciation.
  • Thumb or dummy sucking.

New technique: Invisalign First

It is better to consult and to treat:

  • It helps the correct development of the swallowing process, of vocalisation and of dental and facial growth.
  • It treats abnormalities appearing early on, often due to thumb sucking.
  • It can help provide space for growing adult teeth and reduce the need for extractions later on.
  • It can improve physical appearance and simplify any fixed brace treatments that are required later on.
  • It realigns the symmetry of the opening and closing of the mouth.

Early treatments, benefiting from future growth, correct quickly and without too much difficulty. Malocclusion that may set in is corrected in a more stable fashion.

Inverse occlusion - 7 year old

6 month treatment - emovable plate

Anterior open-bite - 8 year old

1 year treatment - tooth positioner

Class III, protraction - 5 year old

1 year treatment - Double Arch TIM Class III

Class II div 1 - 9 year old

24 month treatment - Andresen appliance

Crossbite - 6 year old

1 year treatment - Planas direct tracks

Overcrowding - 9 year old

24 month treatment - Full braces