Invisible treatment: Aesthetics and Comfort

Optical impressions

Treatments virtually invisible aligners are planned through a system of 3D computer modeling.

To obtain this simulation called Clin Check, we conduct optical impressions from a 3D scan, without ionizing radiation, and send to the laboratory.

The comfort of these imprints is undeniable and allows, in another analysis of dental crowding.

3D Simulation

Used for treatment invisalign®, they achieve instant a first approach of the expected result. The study of these footprints associated with clinical analysis, dental imaging ( photos, radios ... ) , provides all therapeutic indications for the implementation of Check Clin.

When the lab returns the Clin Check consistent with therapeutic instructions of the Doctor, it is approved before starting the fabrication of splints.

Invisible aligners

Aligners throughout the treatment are then manufactured and shipped to the House of Orthodontics to be fit and the treatment begins. The aligners are changed every 15 days, the tracking is done every 6 weeks.

These aligners, in addition to being comfortable and aesthetic dental oral hygiene allow facilitated a normal social life, a flawless pronunciation and are more for musicians playing a wind instrument or sport.